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Kevin Hayes

is Now buzzed about writing.

And, is currently reading 11/22/63 by Stephen King.

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  1. Kevin Hayes
    I have been thinking about the continuation of Rapture Reilly's. I know It has been a little while but I have been jumping around from story to story as well as job to job. But now I am more focused on this. Well I hope to let you all see it soon. Thanks for the comments on chapters one and two :)
  2. Kevin Hayes
    Sorry for being away for so long. I got one story on here after I deleted a bunch. I might make a second part to the story i wrote or I might just start a new project. I feel bad when I am away from my writing for so long cause It makes me feel like i am not interested in it, but I am.
  3. Angharad A-Williams
    Thank you for the comment :D I know i do that :/ i have been told about it before but i do it automatically lol. I will be more careful in the future :D thanks again x
  4. Angharad A-Williams
    hi :D i have put up a couple of more stories (Not my best) If you ever get a minute please could you read and send me your thoughts. thank you x
  5. Angharad A-Williams
    thank you for the comment on my story 'darkness' i have put a few more up since then lol. i cant wait to start reading your new stuff (wen it gets put on) thank you again
  6. Kevin Hayes
    @kevinhayes34 is my twitter address, check it out sometime
  7. Kevin Hayes
    I'd like to thank everyone for the comments on my wall and on my stories. You'll probably notice my stories arnt there anymore, Ive decided to start from scratch because i have neglected my writing for a year.
    Stay Tuned!
  8. MR. X
    21/04/2011Mr. X
    Hello Kevin, really liking your work. Please check out my poem and comment.Thanks
  9. Angharad A-Williams
    Hi :) i know you havent commented on anything of mine, but i have noticed someof your comments i have put up a new story. please could you read it, and give me your thought. it is called 'darkness' thank yoooou x (p.s. you don't have to!) lol.
  10. David Leonard
    Hi Kevin
    Thank you for your comment on "Urban Warrior"
    Some years ago my wife had a literary agent who advised her how to go about having a book published eg DON'T write the book until you have got a publisher interested in it. If you would like his "formula" I'll happily send it to you
    Good luck
  11. Chel Samson
    hey,..thanks for the grade,.ahehe
  12. Seb Naylor
    28/12/2009The Black Dog
    Hi Kevin, thanks for the feedback. Glad you enjoyed the story.
  13. Denise Cleveland
    Thanx for the comment
  14. Kevin Hayes
    Hey, just joined today and ive published something i wrote in the last month. I hope you all read it and please leave a comment on it and on my profile page. Peace all. Thanks
Kevin Hayes
About Me
My name is Kevin, I'm 26 years old and I live in Cumbernauld, just outside of Glasgow, Scotland. I have been interested in writing since leaving school at 16 and have read many good books that have inspired me to write stories of my own. I one day hope to have published many interesting fantasy, sci fi and horror stories on E-book. I have learned many techniques on increasing word count and how to plan and draft your stories. So far they have helped and I hope to share with you all what I have learned. Writing truly is one of the better arts. Follow me: Twitter: @TheRedScotsman Google+: DongoBot YouTube: DongoBot Facebook: Kevin Hayes

My Favourite...

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Too hard to decide
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Mike Sterling
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256, Elk Lane, New Haddon, Raymeria
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Comedy, Horror, Anime, Action
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BBC, Channel 4, GOLD, Dave
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Planet Rock

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