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Jennie B.

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A Dream Come True

Copyright © 2011 Jennie B.

The waves oozed against the surface, as the sun shone at its brightest. The cold breeze rushed through the air, as beautiful Bluebirds flew up high into the crystal sky, pleasing Nature. I lay back onto the brown, hot, shelly sand; breathing in the exotic atmosphere that encircled me. I decided to close my eyes and take a harmless nap. As I close my eyes I started to dream. I dreamt of all the dazzling possessions in the world that I can’t afford, but desire for; glamorous Dresses from the most expensive Designers, money that I will bathe in, mansions that are too big for me to live in all alone, food that I will taste from my own cook, Make-up that make me look like a pop star, expensive Jewellery made from pure gold and silver, my own Library; made up of all my favourite books, comics and encyclopaedias, but most of all; I want my same blood and flesh sharing parents back. I want to see their smiles again, listen to their encouraging words again, be hugged in the most comfortable arms, and be tucked into bed at night with a bed time story and lastly a kiss on my stubby nose. All these things would be a dream comes true.  


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 I opened my eyes and watched the Sun play Hide and Seek with the clouds. What a peaceful day. The sun was shining; the sky free from clouds; the beach is deserted; only a few people who are very far away from me and surfing on high waves. I smiled, despite all the trouble that I still will have to face, nonetheless, I could still enjoy the moments I had now. Nobody knows I’m here, because I ran away. I ran away because Ursula White has it all; selfishness, wickedness, immorality, lying, cheating, and a heart made of stone, plus she occupies a soul that never will find peace, and true love. Actually, I have a list that goes on and on about Ursula, but I won’t show that because I am too nice for that, unlike her.


I don’t know why she even adopted me, possibly because all the money she gets out of it? Or when she is torturing me all the time, is that entertaining to her? Is that what makes her cheerful and laugh so maliciously? To me, it’s downright disgusting, and as sickening as gruesome vomit.


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Why am I the one to live with such a horrific and atrocious life? Couldn’t it be someone else- No, I don’t want them to share the same pain as me; that would be egocentric and ghastly like Ursula.

    I want my life back. I don’t want to feel hurt, agony, and isolated any more. I want to feel safe, cherished, and loved; I am wild for all these things. I just want my old life back; when my parents were alive. 


It would be all a dream come true. 

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