Megan Heeran

Megan Heeran

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Reader Advisory : This story contains adult content.

Fuck With Daddy.

Copyright © 2010 Megan Heeran

Emily lay back on her daddys lap while her mom drove.
"Why do I have to drove everywhere?" She ranted. Eventually Emily slept.
Dave felt hot and warm, his daughters nose in his crotch, as she fell asleep. His erection started. He shifted to get it away from her. He opened his mouth slightly.
Emily woke, as something poked her nose. Her dads Penis? Ew.. She thought. Her dad shifted, she pressed a hand onto her wet Vagina. Then she decided to do something competely erotic, she pulled ather dads zipper it slid down.
Emily woke up. Her nose wrinkled. Dave saw her press a hand to her Vagina. It was about 9 O'clock and Ruth had stopped to sleep she was snoring in the front. Emily pulled at Daves zipper, his penis grew larger and got harder. Then she runbbed it a little bit.
"Uh uh." Dave mumbled.
"Fuck me daddy." She groaned, she pressed his penis into her mouth, and stuck her finger into her own vagina. She rubbed her vagine slowly, as Dave rubbed her boobs, small but devolping boobs. Emily was only 14, but was enjoying this enormasly.

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