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Jose Limon

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I’m walking as the sky beacon spotting down upon me and lighting up this intoxicating city that I must protect. The civilians will never know of my photosynthetic vigilance. They’re convincing that the world doesn’t need vegetation. Green is just meaningless innocence here in Tundra, and I’m not afraid of showing off my girlish charm.

Yes, I wear green spandex but only when the beacon sky said goodbye. Right now I’m wearing a green flower dress. My veins sending out a long rhizome existing from my wrist and spiraling around all over my left arm, disguising as a treasure-less armband. My last trademark is a purple flower growing on the top of my head, disguising as a controversial headband. My name is Peppermint, and I’m a superhero.

I have minty gifts.

First ability is call aromatherapy; I can enhance someone’s memory if I want them to. That is why my obviousness never had spectators to speculate because they became overwhelmed with their forgettable memories coming back when they’re inside my aroma range. I can release my aroma on one person at a time during the vigilante night.

Second ability is antipruritic, when someone feels an itch, metaphorically, I give them a kiss.

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Last ability is which you know already. I’m the only living thing in Tundra that uses photosynthesis, giving them false hope of breathing oxygen substitute from a corrupt power plant, preparing for a fight during the vigilante night. As an added bonus, I get a satisfaction of licking my sugary sweat.


Dear Peppermint,

I have found our guy. When you come over, please don’t forget your spadix.

From your trusty sidekick, Titan


Poor Titan, that’s not how you spell spandex. That doesn’t really matter because he’s 10 feet tall and he’s a grave robber. It is now night, I approach the barn where me and Titan secretly meet. “You smell like courses.” I went to ask the obvious to the enthusiastic giant. “Three days of digging and I finally found him.”

I guess I should explain. This city doesn’t bother creating tombstones for their pass love ones because they can easily remember of where they were buried. Thanks to me that is. The corpse that I need right now, once work for the corrupt power plant and I need his eye so I can manipulate the retinal scan to let me in. The crew members don’t even bother removing the corpse’s identification because they’re at the early stage of zombification and have confidence to succeed. And I can’t let that happen.

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To be continue.

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