Gary Hoadley

Gary Hoadley

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Reader Advisory : This story contains adult content.

Polite Repose

Copyright © 2009 Gary Hoadley

I wonder, sometimes, when I go out into the world, do I leave my soul at home? My spirit seems to bully it's way past the me, and goes to the forefront of my being. The spirit is not nice, but I allow it to control my actions and thoughts, I give into it's nasty little plans and schemes. Is that why I suffer with piles? The soul punishing me for letting this spirit rule my kingdom as I step out into the world?

I've often wondered what would happen to me if I showed any compassion, would I melt? Drop to my knees, shed tears, scream and shout for forgiveness? Every morning before I leave the house, I go through the ritual of putting on my imaginary armour. It's got a few dents, but still does the job.

I sleep well at night, which is surprising. It never enter's my mind to look back and think about how I have changed peoples lives, forever. And I have. So many, I've lost count. The only cross I have to bear is these bunions, by the time I get home, I can hardly stand up.

The other day, I made a young pregnant mother cry. Not a happy occasion, because I had just purchased an ice cream and had to put it down. By the time I had written out the parking ticket, the ice had melted.

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Did I not say? Yes, Iv'e been a Traffic Warden for twenty years. You can not park there, move it please.


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