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The Fairy Who Couldn’t Fly

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Once upon a time there was a fairy called Snowdrop.  Snowdrop was a very pretty fairy who was always happy and would help all the other fairies and the animals that lived in the fairy kingdom.  The only problem was that she could not fly.

She would flap her wings sometimes very fast and sometimes very slow, but all that happened was that her feet would just about leave the ground.

The other fairies and even the birds and the butterflies would try to help, but no matter how they tried or what they did, poor Snowdrop just could not fly.

Even the most powerful wizard tried with his spells, he even looked in his book of spells, some of them had not been used for hundreds of years, but still Snowdrop could not fly, she even tried making a wish in the magic wishing well, but even that failed to work.

"Well I don’t know" said the wizard, "I have never known a fairy that could not fly before".  "Never mind" said Snowdrop; "I will just have to keep trying".

Snowdrop decided that she would wander down to the beach and look for some pretty shells so that she could make a necklace out of them.

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When Snowdrop arrived at the beach, she was surprised to see, a very little man walking by the sea.  "Hello" said Snowdrop, "I haven’t seen you around here before, where do you come from"?

"My name is Shamus, I’m a leprechaun and I come all the way from dear old Ireland, I am on my way to see if I can find my pot of gold that I left at the end of the rainbow a few years ago".

"The only problem is I can’t remember which rainbow it was that I left it at. You see there are so many of them and they all look the same to me.  I don’t suppose you could fly to the end of that rainbow and see if it’s there could you".

"I would like to help you" said Snowdrop, "but the problem is I can’t fly".  "I've tried everything, but all I can do is float just a little way off the ground".

"Well I have never in my life known a fairy who could not fly", said Shamus, "still I have yet to meet a leprechaun that could not remember which rainbow that he had left his pot of gold under".

"But if you will help me, I will try to help you" said Shamus.

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"How" asked Snowdrop? "Well you see" said Shamus, "all of us leprechauns have this magic dust and it can do amazing things, I don’t know if it will help you to fly, but if I sprinkle some onto your wings and it does work, will you help me to find my pot of gold in return".  "Of course I will help you, even if it doesn’t work", said Snowdrop.

So Shamus opened up his bag of magic dust and sprinkled some of the magic dust onto Snowdrops wings.  "We have to give it time to settle and work its way all over the wings", said Shamus.


Well they waited and waited, until all of a sudden Shamus said "right, that should be long enough for the dust to have settled; now if you flap your wings the magic dust won’t be able to be shook off".

"Do you want to give it a try"? Said Shamus.

Well Snowdrop flapped her wings very slowly and the next thing she knew was that she was flying high above the water.  "It works" she cried out to Shamus, who was now far below her.

"Well" said Shamus, "that’s something else that I can use my magic powder for now, that is if I ever come across another fairy that can’t fly".  "Right I will now keep my promise to you and help you to find your pot of gold Shamus".  "Hold onto my hand" said Snowdrop "and we can both go flying to a rainbow and see if we can find your pot of gold there".

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Well after flying around for a while Snowdrop noticed something shining near a pool at the end of the rainbow.  They came down to rest along side this large bag that was full of gold coins.

"Yippee", shouted Shamus "we’ve found it, I can now go back to dear old Ireland and see my wife and children again, here you must take some of the coins for helping me to find it", said Shamus.

"I don’t need gold" said Snowdrop; "I have all I need now that I can fly".

And when she returned to the fairy kingdom all the other fairies and animals cheered, because they were as happy as Snowdrop that she now could now fly like the rest of them.

The End

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